Three gang members charged after year-long crime spree

Dementry Loyd's mugshot from Feb. 21.
Dementry Loyd's mugshot from Feb. 21.
Hennepin County Sheriff

Over the past year, officers began seeing similarities in a string of assaults and burglaries in which thieves netted computers and guns.

Now, Hennepin County has charged three members of the Loud Pack gang -- Dementry Loyd, 19, along with Montrelle Collins, 20 and Marlon Collins, 21 -- with the crimes.

"This is a case where the gang unit of the county attorney's office started to notice patterns on some of the burglaries and assaults, and with the help of Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park police, were able to pull together enough evidence to bring charges," Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said in a release. "Getting these three young men off the streets will make everyone a little safer."

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Loyd's story stretches back nearly a year, to a burglary on March 20, 2012, when he stole a television, laptop, gold ring, iPhone, and credit card out of a home. He is charged with burglarizing a second home later that same day.

On November 13, 2012, Loyd stole a trove of items from another house, including two handguns and an iPad equipped with a tracker. The next day, the homeowner used the device's GPS to trace Loyd to an apartment in north Minneapolis, where they found Loyd with the iPad and another suspect with one of the handguns. Last month, officers stopped Loyd with the other handgun.

Police have caught Loyd with other stolen property, and he's been involved in shootings. In one incident, in September 2012, Loyd was in a group of six men, including the Collins brothers, when a woman who knew them asked if there was a problem.

The men said no, but she persisted. They began to walk away, but then pulled out guns and fired at the woman as she ran into her house with her children. As the group fled, they yelled, "Loud Pack."

A similar assault occurred in May, when Loyd confronted a man playing basketball in Brooklyn Park, and returned a few minutes later with a gun to fire several shots into the pavement.

The Collins brothers have also been caught with stolen property and involved in shootings. Last month, during a search of the home where the men live with their mother, police recovered a stolen semi-automatic pistol from under the mattress of a baby's crib.

At the time, the brothers said that Loyd had brought the gun over.

Loyd faces several felony burglary, theft of a firearm, and assault charges, and his bail is set at $100,000.

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