Three-bedroom downtown Minneapolis condo goes for $1.3 million


Note: This is not the condo that just sold for $1.3 million. Second note: This one is probably still pretty expensive. Ben Gajne, Youtube

Looking to buy in downtown Minneapolis, but don't want to sacrifice on square footage?

Better be ready to drop seven figures.

This is the lesson from a recent condo sale at the Carlyle, the condo-filled skyscraper that caters to wealthy Twin Cities residents who've decided they don't want to get away from it all.

The Business Journal reports a three-bedroom, three-bathroom condo in the Carlyle sold for $1.35 million. That works out to about $629 per square foot, though even that isn't necessarily the going rate for hot downtown property: A couple years ago, another unit at the Carlyle went for $4.3 million cash, amounting $1,200 per square foot, a record for downtown Minneapolis. 

Rising 41 stories just west of the Mississippi River, the Carlyle is the tallest residential building in the state of Minnesota. Last year, the Business Journal profiled a "massive," 3,300 square foot Carlyle condo that's listed at $2.3 million.

Most of us won't be invited inside such opulence unless we take a job as a doorman, or that whole class war thing happens (and the poors somehow win), so here's a recent video advertising a (different) "penthouse" at the Carlyle. 

It looks nice! Good look at the rest of downtown, plenty of space to avoid your fellow condo-dwellers -- even the ones who live in your condo -- plus a telescope and what looks like a zebra rug. If money's no object for you, have at it. 

If money continues to be an object for you, enjoy this view of someone else's view.


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