Thousands gather for Bachmann's noontime rally


Rep. Michele Bachmann's noontime "House call" is getting a lot of national media attention. Kill that bill, baby!

The New York Times has a scene-piece on their blogs covering the rally against the Democratic health care reform bill. And they're shouting, "Kill the bill!" Cute.

The NYTimes describes the protesters as older (in their 50s and 60s), mostly white, and a lot of self-identified Christians. Surprise!

They say people came from across the country to participate, carrying signs like "You lie!" "All lies." "No Socialist Health Care." "Politicians Lie, Patients Die."

Talking Points Memo estimates there are about 8,000 there.

They've been chatting with the protesters. NYTimes has been interviewing people on the scene too. Check it out here.

And Gawker is all over this too. It's angry white people, after all!

The protesters know just how to drive the liberals into insanity: Recite the Pledge of Allegiance! You got 'em!

If you hear of anything awesome happening in relation to the protests, let us know.