Thoughtful Josh Hartnett wants to help out African children


Our homeboy Josh Hartnett is trying really hard to prove he is more than a hot stud from such classics as "40 Days and 40 Nights" and "Pearl Harbor". What better, and more cliche, way to do it than to help out in Africa?

Hartnett said he hopes to do charity work in Africa with the little ones. His comments came during a London event for Dramatic Need. The group sends volunteers to Africa to teach different forms of artistic expression.

From People:

"I want to go down there and actually help out," the actor, 30, said at a London event for Dramatic Need, a group that sends volunteers to Africa to teach art, film, dance and photography, Britain's Press Association reports.

"It's fun for an actor to be able to do something that's not for publicity, but actually go down and do something hands-on," he said.

Not for publicity? Wouldn't that mean he just goes down there without telling us? Apparently not wanting publicity, but talking about it publicly still counts. We hope to see lots of cute photos of Hartnett rocking out with little kids who have no clue who he is.