Thomas Jonas, foot fetish creeper, appears to be on a national college tour

The alleged foot molester has been spotted on campuses from Portland to Minneapolis.

The alleged foot molester has been spotted on campuses from Portland to Minneapolis.

During summer session 2014, a stranger approached a Portland State University coed near the campus library and began to massage her feet. He continued the unwanted touching even after the woman repeatedly voiced her objections. The bizarre encounter stopped when the victim hustled to get away from the twenty-something assailant.

Thomas Matthew Jonas would eventually serve 180 days in jail for the crime.

After wearing out his welcome at campuses in the Pacific Northwest, Jonas, who poses as a message therapy student when asking collegians if he may practice his craft, headed east.

The University of Wisconsin exiled him a year ago. Then a man matching Jonas' description brought his unsolicited talents to Minneapolis this summer.

One day in July, a man asked a Minneapolis Community and Technical College student if he could massage her feet. The masseuse started rubbing, then quickly graduated to smelling, kissing, and licking her feet.

By the time Tech security issued an alert, the suspect was AWOL.

The most recent sightings place the man believed to be Jonas in Wichita, Kansas. Last month, two Wichita State coeds reported separate incidents, in which a suspect said, "Please, can I practice my massage on you?"

One balked. The other found herself fast regretting the decision and told the man he had to leave. 

Security alerts are order of the day at colleges as reports of Jonas' therapeutic ruse have spread.

Jonas' current whereabouts remain unknown.