Thomas Casper of Eagan is arrested, says if he had a gun 'I would do what James Holmes did'

Casper was apparently inspired by James Holmes's senseless Colorado killing spree.
Casper was apparently inspired by James Holmes's senseless Colorado killing spree.

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Thomas Casper, 56, says he is a broken man with nothing to lose. Because of that, police are worried he actually intends to follow through on some of the crazy things he said after he was recently arrested.

Police, following up on a loud music complaint, went to Casper's Eagan home. They discovered he had an outstanding warrant in Dakota County and arrested him, prompting Casper to let loose with a murderous tirade.

According to a criminal complaint (via CBS Minnesota), while he was being hauled to the squad car, Casper yelled to his neighbors: "I'm coming back. You guys are done."

He then began threatening officers, saying:

I'm such a criminal. I should be the Joker. If I had a gun, I would kill you. I should have dyed my hair orange. Let me out. I'll kill you. My home is in foreclosure. I have been kicked out of my house. What else can go wrong? It doesn't matter. I wouldn't own a gun but if I did I would do what Holmes did. I would blow people away. Put me in jail for the rest of my life, I don't care. Put me in jail with criminals. I grab them by the throat and kill them.

Police, citing the fact Casper repeatedly threatened violence and said his life is at rock bottom, write in the complaint that they're worried he wasn't just bluffing.

Casper, in custody as of yesterday afternoon, has been charged with one count of making terroristic threats. He could face up to five years in prison.

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