Thomas Adamson coldly confesses to sexually abusing children as a priest [VIDEO]

It's been one hell of a week for Catholic dioceses in Minnesota. First Robert Carlson, a former Twin Cities bishop, claimed he didn't know that child sex was a crime. Then a St. Cloud family came forward accusing Father Timothy "Timo" Backous of having molested their son in 1990.

Now comes Thomas Adamson, a former priest who confessed under oath to having sexually abused children decades ago. Below are some of the video highlights of a May 16 deposition taken by attorney Jeff Anderson and his soldiers.

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A copy of the 242-page transcript -- which will be used in an upcoming trial against Adamson, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, and the Diocese of Winona -- can be found here. The lawsuit accuses Adamson of having molested more than 20 boys between 1964 and 1984, when he was suspended from the ministry. Memos attached at the end of the deposition show that church officials shifted blame and purposely moved Adamson into parishes where he would cause less ruckus. For instance, Exhibit 29, a letter dated March 12, 1979:

I would urge you not to put Father Tom Adamson in a parish close to the Winona Diocese. It is precisely that problem that Bishop (Loras) Watters is concerned about. Southeastern section of the Twin Cities may be all right but I think anything in the southern part of our diocese would be disturbing to Bishop Watters. 

In a statement released Wednesday, Anderson says, "No top official, for 30 years, ever asked Thomas Adamson how many kids he abused and who those kids were. It is both alarming and disturbing and a demonstration of what the priorities were and still are."

1. Adamson speaks of ejaculating with children while he slugs a Diet Coke

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2. With some of the children, he engaged in oral sex

3. Just how many children, he doesn't know

4. At the end of the day, he believed his actions constituted "a sin rather than a crime"


5. So therefore he doesn't deserve to go to jail

6. But the craziest thing is, he can't remember a single church official ever asking him for the names of all the children he abused

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