Thom Pertler, Carlton County Attorney, arrested for DUI months after drunk-teaching fiasco

At least one blog has already called for Pertler to resign.
At least one blog has already called for Pertler to resign.

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In February, Thom Pertler tried to teach while drunk, but made such a mess out of it that he ended up resigning his adjunct gig at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College.

Pertler, the Carlton County Attorney, acknowledged that a combination of a few happy hour beers and prescribed pain meds left him too inebriated to teach, but denied he had a drinking problem. "If you want to come pay me a visit any time day or night and bring a PBT [Preliminary Breath Test], have at it" he said at the time.

But yesterday, Pertler, traveling south to Duluth on Highway 61, was pulled over after several state troopers, acting on reports of an erratic driver, observed him cross the center line. According to the Star Tribune, Pertler refused to take a breath exam and was booked into jail on suspicion of misdemeanor drunk driving and gross misdemeanor refusal to submit to sobriety testing.

From Duluth's WDIO:

Pertler has been involved in a number of high-profile cases, including the Donald Blom trial and the 2011 Cromwell homicides. [It is] not clear if Pertler had hired an attorney for himself.

A Carlton County blog entitled "Cartoon County MN- The Lunacy Of It All" has already called for Pertler to resign.

"One thing forgotten in [the coverage] is that he was quoted in the Pine Journal that "Public officials should be held to a higher standard" when he was defending his minion," the blog reads. "Will he resign?? If you folks hold him accountable, he'd have to."

Pertler was reportedly still in jail as of this morning. State Patrol officials have said they'll treat it like any other DUI case. Pertler is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow morning.

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