This week in the City Pages print edition 9/7/11


This week's print edition of City Pages is currently being delivered to hundreds of stands around the Twin Cities.

Here are some of the pulse-pounding stories you will find inside:

On the Cover: Andy Mannix brings us some investigative food reporting and a fascinating character portrait of a local soul food legend: Dinner with the Hulk

Blotter: The wife of a local sports media celebrity faces the music for a deadly hit-and-run in Senser's Responsibility.


Restaurant Review: Rachel Hutton raves about a new incarnation of the Spanish eatery in Solera's Sun Rises Again.

Music: Local icons Halloween, Alaska get a makeover, and Rob van Alstyne has the exclusive interview in advance of their First Avenue Show.

Movies: Is Contagion likely to go viral? Karina Longworth reviews the star-studded disease flick.

Theater: To go or not to go? Ed Huyck reviews Hamlet at Jungle Theater

All this, plus A-List and Savage Love in the new issue of City Pages, on stands today!