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A portion of the bands of "Little Crow" and "Shakopee," numbering some 30 or 40 men, with their families, have been encamped, for the past month or so, on the headwaters of the Sauk river, following their winter hunt. After a sojourn of three weeks, they were one morning startled by the report that their old enemies, the Chippewas, 30 or 40 in number, had the night before encamped in their immediate vicinity... The Sioux immediately held a short talk among themselves, when it was determined they should improve this occasion to make peace between the two nations... On approaching, the enemy were discovered, prepared for a hostile meeting, lying close down behind the logs in the snow, with their guns already directed through loopholes in their fort. But, perfectly undaunted, [the Sioux] simultaneously threw down their arms, and rushed over the logs, extending their hands to the astonished Chippewas...

-The Daily (St. Paul) Pioneer and Democrat, February 10, 1857

A "Cruel Indiscretion" in Canada--The Toronto Weekly Message says that the Rev. T. Creen, Rector of St. Marks in Niagara, C. W., was some weeks since suspended for life, for adultery with one of his parishioners. The sentence of his Bishop, Strachan, of Toronto, was that he should be so suspended, but should keep his title of Rector till January following and then retire from the Episcopacy on a life pension of $4,000 a year. Among the testimony against him was the following note enclosed in a copy of Milton's Prose Works: "My Dear Mrs. Low: I subscribe with a good conscience to the doctrine of the great Milton, set forth in his prose works from pages 224 to 252, and request a careful perusal of those pages, because I wish to contract a union on those principles, as my wife is good for nothing for that purpose, and I have always admired and regarded you with uncommon affection and impartiality..."

-The Daily (St. Paul) Pioneer and Democrat, February 10, 1857

It is not a dye! Grey Haired, bald or persons afflicted with diseases of the Hair or Scalp read the following and judge of Mrs. S. A. Allen's World's Hair Restorer:

Rev. M. Thatcher (60 years of age), Pitcher, Chenango County, N.Y. "My hair is now restored its natural color, and ceases to fall."

Rev. Wm. Cutter, Ed., Mother's Magazine, N.Y. "My hair is changed to its natural color and growing on bald spot..."

-The Daily (St. Paul) Pioneer and Democrat, February 10, 1857

NOTICE--Information wanted of a girl by the name of Hellen Cole, about 14 years of age; short and thick-set; dark hair and dark eyes; large front teeth with the corner of one of them broken off. She left the residence of Wise and Gibbs about the first of April last, since which her friends have heard nothing from her. Any person having any knowledge of such a girl, will confer a great favor upon us...

-The Daily (St. Paul) Pioneer and Democrat, February 7, 1857

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