This viral bald eagle ain't hurt and it ain't swimming...

Twitter: @dgoff17

Twitter: @dgoff17

We won't spoil the surprise. 

Please enjoy this viral video taken by Woodbury resident Dan Goff on the St. Croix River. It's been viewed over 400,000 times since being posted on Wednesday, and for good reason...

It's fishing! 

#Wow, indeed. Goff circled back a half-hour later, and the eagle was still feasting. 

You gotta love the determination of that hungry eagle, as well as the size of that muskie. You also gotta love the fact Goff's video is soundtracked by the sweet melodies of Van Morrison's "Everyone." A whole lot to love! 

You shouldn't love ornithological ignorance, however, so here's Julie Craves, a contributing editor with the website BirdWatching, on how and why bald eagles "swim":

"Eagles won’t win any awards for style, but they can 'swim,' and the behavior isn’t too unusual... Sometimes an eagle gets ahold of something that is just too heavy, long, or unwieldy to get into the air, or the bird doesn’t have the speed and momentum to provide enough lift. As long as the eagle is fairly close to shore, it can do a breaststroke of sorts to row its meal to land and feast."

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