This Minneapolis bike cop is terrible at bike riding [VIDEO]

It wasn't this officer's finest moment.

It wasn't this officer's finest moment.

It may not be humankind's most admirable trait, but witnessing other people's slapstick mishaps is freakin' hilarious. It's why “Man getting hit by football” is an American classic.

Fortunately for thousands of people on the internet, the Minneapolis Police Department isn't above laughing at such physical follies. Especially when it involves one of their own.

On Monday, Minneapolis' finest posted a marvelous lowlight video captured by their security cameras. The clumsy vignette takes place in the First Precinct parking lot. As a bike cop prepares to shove off with a trailer in tow, he gets about two feet before eating it.

It looks like the officer goes for a smooth mount-and-go push off, but when he fails to get his leg on the right side of his two-wheeled steed, he comes toppling down. Thankfully, it appears the officer wasn't hurt in the spill (because then it wouldn't be funny) and at least one other cop bore witness, enabling his tumble to become break-room legend.

Adding a hint of irony, the bike trailer is used to haul bike helmets MPD gives out to children through its Bike Cops for Kids program. Safety first, boys and girls!

While it wasn't the officer's smoothest moment, apparently he's sorta the Lance Armstrong of bike cops (minus the doping scandal). A police spokesman tells Fox 9 he rides an impressive 40 miles a day.

However, none were as hilarious as these two feet.