This is what a terrorist looks like

Sherburne County Jail/AP

Sherburne County Jail/AP

Muslims still live in Minnesota, and aren't going anywhere.

Hell, one was just elected to Congress, another was made Attorney General, and state Rep. Hodan Hassan (DFL-Minneapolis) is still just learning where the good food is around the State Capitol. 

Their success is evidence the hare-brained and terroristic plotting of Michael McWhorter, Joe Morris, and at least one other man (Michael Hari) didn't work. People who've survived hardship don't scare easily. They've run from real wars, and famines, and tribalism.

They don't run from chuckleheads like these three. Lately what they're doing is running for office -- and winning. 

Morris, 29, and McWhorter, 23, pleaded guilty yesterday to five separate crimes, each, for their roles in the bombing of the Dar al-Farooq Islamic Center mosque in 2017. That was the one former Minnesota governor Mark Dayton called "terrorism," and former Donald Trump adviser and future 1,000-year-old bridge troll Sebastian Gorka intimated might have been staged for sympathy.

You should have sympathy for the leaders at Dar al-Farooq, who handled this terrorism with grace and a fearless approach to practicing their faith. They seem grateful to live in America, and to have allies all around them. 

Morris, McWhorter, and Hari (age 47) are from small-town Illinois, an unincorporated and barely known town of fewer than 100 people, which just got even smaller because three of its most violent bigots are going to prison for a while.

Here's McWhorter. This, too, is what a terrorist looks like. 

Ford County

Ford County

Here's the essential paragraph from an Associated Press story about Morris and McWhorter's guilty pleas (emphasis ours, rabbit militia name and rabid paranoia theirs):

In the Minnesota mosque bombing, Hari allegedly picked Dar al-Farooq because it was far enough away from the White Rabbits’ central Illinois hometown that he thought they wouldn’t be suspected. He also allegedly believed it was a focal point for terror recruiting, a claim that law enforcement has not substantiated.

Huh. If you can't get good information from radicalized virulent racists from small-town Illinois... who can you even trust?

Morris and McWhorter could do up to 35 years. Hari, the apparent leader of this terrorist outfit, is still in federal custody, and will soon face consequences for a crime spree that includes a home invasion and the threatening and extortion of a railroad company.

Good God. And they think the nice people at that Bloomington mosque are the terrorists?

No, boys. You're terrorists. And we bet your small American town won't miss you one bit now that you're finally facing justice.