This is what a kegger looks like, Mom and Dad

Binge drinking, as evidenced by the lines of empty cups and tapped kegs littered throughout Dinky Town, is an ever-emerging problem among college students.

And the University of Minnesota has decided one way to stop it is to tell Mommy and Daddy on you.

For just $20, the school is offering parents an online course with tips about how they can help stop binge drinking. The idea developed three years ago, but interest has been so great the school recently started outsourcing the product to other universities, says Marjorie Savage, the parent program director at the U who helped design the course.

One of the things we try to do is get parents to understand that drinking in college is different than drinking in high school and they need to talk about it differently with their kids. In high school, parents say don’t go to a party where there are no adults. That doesn’t work so well on a college campus. Instead, parents need say don’t go to a party where you don’t know the host. Make sure there’s someone responsible there, Savage says.

"I can’t tell you how many times walking across campus you hear, 'If my parents knew what I was doing…' …Parents really can make an impact," she says.

OK, so maybe there’s something to all this, but seriously isn’t part of the reason you go away to college to get as far from your parents as possible?

Our suggestion: Next time you go home to do laundry, disconnect your parents' Internet and party on. (Safely of course.)