This is Andrew Wiggins two seconds from hitting a buzzer beater [VIDEO]


Andrew Wiggins received the ball on the left wing with precisely four seconds left and the Minnesota Timberwolves trailing the Phoenix Suns by one point.

Wiggins rocked his weight, back, forth -- and bam slipped past his defender.

But oh, no! Suns forward P.J. Tucker caught Wiggins' knee, and Minnesota's swingman fell to the ground.

Well, toward it. Wiggins threw down his off hand to catch himself before crashing to the floor, leading to the image you see above. What would for most mortals have been a desperation reaction to prevent one's face from splatting on a wood floor was, for Wiggins, just a momentary lapse in the Wolves' preternaturally gifted youngster's gravitational hegemony

Less than a second later, Wiggins was jumping straight up into the air, shooting to beat the buzzer.

And darned if the thing didn't go in.

Those were Wiggins' 30th and 31st points of the night, figures he arrived at on 11-of-22 shooting from the floor. His buzzer beater (Minnesota's first in five years, per Yahoo! Sports) brings Minnesota's record to 17-28, remarkably just three games outside the Western Conference playoff picture.

If the Wolves put it together and scrap their way into the postseason, fans might look back with reverence on the night Andrew Wiggins rose up all the way from the ground to steal a win in the desert.