This is a good 'parking ticket'

Shoreview doesn't allow overnight parking on the street, but they'll make an exception for Thanksgiving.

Shoreview doesn't allow overnight parking on the street, but they'll make an exception for Thanksgiving.

Cory and his wife should've known better. 

They've lived in Shoreview for years, and have come to learn the northern suburb's curious rule about where your car can be, and when. Namely: The city prohibits overnight parking on the street. 

Not without a permit. No one can have their vehicle curbside in Shoreview between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. Snow or no snow; it's just not allowed. 

And Cory (who asked that he go by first-name only) was aware of this when his wife ran some errands on Thanksgiving night, hitting a nearby Target. Instead of pulling into the driveway, where visiting family members already had their vehicles, she parked on the street, with a plan to move it later.

She forgot. The car stayed there all night until the next day, when she saw a white piece of paper stuck on its windshield.

"Oh, shit," she said. "I think I got a ticket."

She did. Well, sort of.

Upon closer inspection, the couple realized they'd been the recipient of a gentle reminder of the city ordinance. The note was left by the Ramsey County Sheriff's Department, which is contracted to do what minimal policing the peaceful suburb needs. 

Their "parking ticket" came with no fine, and a holiday theme. 


"I think it's pretty cool," says Cory, who uploaded a photo of the note to Reddit. "It's nice, and forgiving of them." 

He adds that he's "not in 100 percent agreement" with the no-overnight parking rule, anyway, and isn't even sure why it exists.

"It's nice that they're not going to slam down on people just because they feel like it, just to hit some invisible quota," he says. 

A note on the city's website explains Shoreview makes a few exceptions on its parking rule, including "out-of-town guests, driveway construction, and large family gatherings." Evidently at least one of these exceptions comes with a printout image of a turkey.

Cory and his wife stayed the hell away from Black Friday deals that next morning -- "I used to work retail, so I loathe going out on that Friday" -- and instead enjoyed a lazy day at home, eating leftovers and watching Lord of the Rings

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