This is a good license plate

If this Minnesota driver had asked for plates saying "BJZ 069," some uptight state employee might've shot her dirty joke down.

If this Minnesota driver had asked for plates saying "BJZ 069," some uptight state employee might've shot her dirty joke down. Reddit

In 2016, the Minnesota Department of Vehicle Services cracked down on potentially offensive vanity license plates.

At the time there were at least a few dozen adult references on vehicles in this state. Among them: "BDSM," "BJMLF," "DZNUTS," and "URBTCH."

Having scrubbed the road of these scandalous inappropriate references, the state motor vehicles department recently took an interesting step: issuing one all on its own. 

One Minnesota resident recently purchased her first car, and was very much looking forward to the day she'd finally receive her first set of license plates. The woman, 25, has a job in "material testing" for a "large company" in the Twin Cities. She lives in Minneapolis, but is moving soon to St. Paul.

We're keeping here name out of this story, because the license plate she got can, for those under a certain age (or with a sense of humor that still is), only be read one way: blowjobz 69.

"I was definitely surprised when I opened the package," she says, adding she looked closely to "make sure they were legit," and that no one purchased her "joke plates as a gag." 

This seems a more likely outcome when, as she acknowledges, you know she's sometimes apt to "turn inoccuous conversations into sexual jokes." She saves the jokes for when the time feels right. If this license plate is a dirty joke, it's a long-term one, and it's being played on her by a state agency.

Upon receipt of this metallic reference to girl-on-guy oral sex and its reciprocal numerically named companion, the young woman quickly took the appropriate step, reporting her unexpected license plates to the proper authorities: people on the internet. (Reddit, specifically.) 

Response has been overwhelmingly positive. As one person notes, "Most states would veto this as a vanity plate. You lucked out!" 

She seems to agree, at least for now. "I'm not actually upset at them, I think they're hilarious and I'm absolutely going to rock them," she says. 

She says she was planning to buy critical habitat license plates -- "I've always loved the designs of them and  I love the outdoors," she says -- but that plan's on hold for now, as she experiments with this new life on the road as the "BJZ 069" woman. For her part, she suspects most people will keep their reactions to themselves. And if they do honk or pull up next to her and give her a look?

"I'll probably wave at them and laugh."

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