This is a good election night tweet


 It's an old threat.

Almost always it's the liberals who use the line, either as a joke, or a (usually) half-hearted threat. "If ____ wins the election, I'm moving out of this country." Once it was used about George W. Bush, whose starting (and messing up) the Iraq War was seen as an unforgivable mistake. 

Almost always, their escape-hatch destination in mind is somewhere with center-left politics and the kind of socialist programs American liberals wish they had here. Europe, sometimes. More often, though, it's Canada.

The 2016 campaign saw that kind of talk hit a fever pitch, as many struggled to get their head around the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency.

As the news set in late Tuesday and early Wednesday that the possibilty was a reality, some people got serious: On Wednesday, so many people were trying to figure out how to apply to move to Canada the country's immigration website crashed. 

Fact is, it's just not that easy to up and move to Canada. You'd probably need someone to offer you a Canadian job before you've even got a shot at citizenship, and that's still not a sure thing. 

What if there was another way? 

At around 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night, when it became increasingly clear Trump was pulling away from Hillary Clinton, Talia Wischmann came up with a plan. Wischmann, a social media strategist for a local marketing firm (and occasional City Pages contributor), decided to dabble in some wishful cartography. 

The electoral map shows Minnesota ringed by an ocean of red Trump states; except for Clinton's home state of Illinois, Trump won the whole of the Midwest. 

So why not try just quietly backing out the door, and pretending like we were just visiting this whole time?



Not how that works. We know. But the sentiment hit a nerve: Wischmann's map joke went viral in short order, and has been retweeted more than 3,000 times.

America will get through this. (Probably.) Humor will help.

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