This icy trip around Lake Minnetonka is a driver's nightmare [VIDEO]

This frozen drive around Lake Minnetonka will be a tough watch for control freaks.

This frozen drive around Lake Minnetonka will be a tough watch for control freaks.

Around 7:30 Monday night, after finishing work, Chris Dahlkvist drove to his brother-in-law's place. 

Tried to, anyway. As Dahlkvist would discover, city roads that night were terrifyingly icy. Most people seem to have gotten the memo: Dahlkvist saw exactly three cars during the most difficult stretch of his trek. 

One was a regular vehicle heading (slowly) the opposite direction, which Dahlkvist flagged down, advising the driver to avoid the way Dahlkvist had just come. 

The other vehicles he saw were were both trucks. One was in the ditch; the other was a tow truck that tried to pull the first truck out of the ditch, and got stuck.

"That obviously didn't work out well," Dahlkvist observes, saying he offered to try to pull either of them out, but they declined.

Both vehicles were still stuck there the following morning.

Dahlkvist, for his part, eased on down the road at a glacial pace, slowly careening from one side of the street (read: deserted ice patch) to the other. 

It's frightening, that moment when you realize you've got no control -- that this giant machine, this sheet of ice, and fate will determine your destination. 

Faced with the prospect, Dahlkvist did what any self-respecting and experienced Minnesota driver would: He knuckled down; he groaned nervously; he said, "Shit!" a few times; he took out his phone and started filming; and, for our benefit, he posted it to Youtube so we could live vicariously, and in fear, through his experience.