This full-court buzzer beater is the best way to win at basketball, life [VIDEO]

Oman Oman is also, coincidentally, what Austin High School fans were saying while this ball was in the air.

Oman Oman is also, coincidentally, what Austin High School fans were saying while this ball was in the air.

Go ahead and call it a life, kid. No matter what goes right or wrong in the rest of your time on this planet, it is unlikely anything will compare to the feeling of chucking a 90-foot game-winning shot. 

Austin High School trailed Northfield by two points Tuesday night with 1.6 seconds on the clock and a Northfield player shooting a free throw. He missed that free throw, though that was almost a best-case scenario for Northfield, as it meant Austin would have to grab the rebound and shoot instantly. 

Enter Oman Oman. At that moment, the center so nice they named him twice had just two points on the night, and was standing under his own basket. So what.

Oman simply reared back and flipped the damn ball right through the hoop, giving Austin a 57-56 win and sending Packers fans into general hysterics. 

Oman's miracle quickly went around the viral web cycle: The clip aired on ESPN, and a YouTube upload has been seen nearly 600,000 times in two days.<!———EndFragment———>

Right after the game, Oman was humble, telling the Austin Daily Herald that his shot was just "a reaction," and that "luckily it went in." His coach, Kris Fadness, likened the shot to a similar heave by those other Packers, comparing it to Aaron Rodgers' shocking Hail Mary pass from last Thursday. Fadness said a "prayer was answered."

Nonsense. We've watched this play several times, and Oman's got perfect form on this. This is exactly how you do this. Grab, head-tilt, hip swivel, remember to follow through, and ... swish. It's actually pretty easy. Take a couple views yourself, and you'll be throwing them all the way down the court and into that tiny little hoop in no time. 

Okay, we're kidding. You could spend all day, or, say, two weeks, at the gym, and not recreate this kind of catch-and-release perfection, let alone do it with the game on the line and your parents and, we imagine, the hopes and dreams of small town America riding on the result. Congrats, young Oman. You win.