They read it for the articles: GOP attacks Franken with Playboy column

Republicans are hitting Al Franken below the belt, literally,circulating a fictional sex story he wrote for Playboy.

Yesterday the GOP circulated a letter calling on Franken to apologize to women for the January 2000 column, called "Porn-O-Rama!" In the article, Franken imagines visiting a sex institute that offers all manner of virtual sex. Here's a sample:

My nervousness disappeared, and I sat back and enjoyed the amazingly realistic cyber job. It was every bit as good as the last real blow job I had gotten 23 years earlier-if not better-because when I shot my wad, the virtual mouth swallowed.

Rep. Joyce Peppin was among the critics of the column:

“As a woman, as a mother, wife and sister, I am offended by Al Franken’s continuing depiction of women as objects for men to enjoy and mock," she said.


The attack was well-timed, as it coincided with Playboy CEO Christie Hefner holding a Franken fundraiser.

Of course, politicians writing pornography is nothing new, as this Slate article makes clear. Lynne Cheney, the wife of Vice President and Prince of Darkness Dick Cheney, is well known for having written some racy lesbian passages in her 1981 novel Sisters.

It seems an especially odd line of attack considering that Coleman's wife uses sex in the come-on for her business, Blo and Go and has done some modeling that would fit right in with Playboy's lingerie issue. (It appears Coleman has managed to scrub the internet of the most tawdry picture--substituting this much tamer picture in its place--though you can still see a thumbnail of it here.)

This isn't the first time Senator Norm Coleman has tried to have it both ways. For a profile of the senator who was for Democrats before he was against them, read Paul Demko's feature story.