TheUptake beats GOP lockout with big assist from KFAI


Looks like TheUptake, the citizen video journalism outfit denied press credentials to the state Republican convention taking place in Minneapolis, found a way to get a livestream feed out of the auditorium, camouflaged with the help of KFAI.

State GOP deputy chair Michael Brodkorb told us yesterday that he regarded TheUptake as a DFL front bent on trying to disrupt the convention, which is nominating its candidate for governor today. No way the party was letting them crash, he said.

That's why we raised our eyebrows today when we saw this tweet from TheUptake: "Tom Emmer being interviewed LIVE on @TheUpTake now! #mn2010 #mngop10."

A change of heart from the Republicans? Hardly.

KFAI news director Ahndi Fridell told us this afternoon that her station and TheUptake folks collaborated on an agreement that allows KFAI's livestream signal to be carried on TheUptake's website.

In exchange, "They are using our equipment and we trained them in last night," TheUptake's Jason Barnett added via e-mail.

For a little light entertainment on a Friday afternoon, here's what it looks like: