These rescued Turkish street dogs are moving to Minnesota and it's just great [VIDEO]


Though people schemed to change everything for him, Charlie the dog did not know there was a possibility of a better life somewhere out there. This is because he is a dog. 

Charlie, a five-year-old retriever, grew up in Turkey, a country with a high population of street dogs. A lot of people there keep dogs as pets when they're puppies, then just turn them out once they're full-grown. Charlie was likely one of these, though fortunate enough to get taken in by a shelter.

And as of this morning, he's in Minnetonka. Charlie is one of roughly 20 dogs who are being transported permanently from Turkey to America by the Retrieve a Golden Retriever of Minnesota (RAGOM) nonprofit. 

It's the second time RAGOM has loaded up a plane-ful of rescue dogs from Turkey and brought them here, where they're eligible for adoption. As with the first shipment of saved pooches, who arrived here last fall, it is adorable.

In Charlie's case, he's bringing a companion: Daisy, a one-year-old Beagle he fell for while living in his shelter. The two are inseparable, and will be up for adoption together. 

Also coming, according to this video: Ariel, a four-year-old who lived on the streets and begged for scraps from shopkeepers, and Sebastian, a 10-year-old who was living in the forest (!) before his rescue.

Who the hell didn't want these dogs?

Who the hell didn't want these dogs?

Learn more about how to meet and adopt one of the dogs, or how to donate to the cause of relocating these rescues, by going to RAGOM's website