These cool GIFs transform the Minneapolis skyline from past to present

If you look closely, you'll notice stuff is different.

If you look closely, you'll notice stuff is different. Skyscraper City; ArcCrypts

Principal Seymour Skinner once famously said, "The times, they are a-becoming quite different." 

True throughout history, sure, but in an abstract, incremental sense. A raised building here, a scaffolding there -- the character of cities morphs slowly. Then we entered the age of the GIF, where humble image files can demonstrate profound, decade-spanning truths by twitching triumphant ad infinitum. Or even do this!

Such is the case with the Minneapolis skyline. That puppy exploded with new constructions throughout the '80s and '90s, as glassy skyscrapers sprang up around the once-monolithic Foshay Tower. For the full before-and-after impact you need GIF perspective, and the users over at Skyscraper City produced just that.

From vantage points like the Chain of Lakes, the Mississippi River, the University of Minnesota, and more, the below images -- in all their GIF-y glory -- showcase Minneapolis' dramatic growth spurt. Oddly, that surge of new buildings coincided with the city's population bottoming out, but whatever; we've got a respectable skyline now. 

See for yourself: 

Photo credits: No. 1:; No. 2:  Bordner Aerials/Skyscraper City; No. 3 & Nos. 6-8: ArcCrypts/Skyscraper City; No. 4: AllPosters/Skyscraper City; No. 5: Matt Bappe/Skyscraper City