There’s a jet ski frozen on St. Anthony Falls


The spot is too dangerous for divers, so the sheriff's department plans to let nature take its course. Nick Magrino

There’s a jet ski frozen on St. Anthony Falls, looking like it might have been drifting aimlessly downriver one summer day, a hair’s breadth from being swept over, when winter struck out of nowhere, packing an avalanche of ice and snow.

Freelance reporter Nick Magrino, who writes a lot about urban development, was just taking a stroll down the Third Avenue Bridge late last week when he looked over the falls and spotted the jet ski, nonchalantly perched nose-up in the middle of the river.

As a runner who’s fairly familiar with the river and its trails and bridges, Magrino was pretty surprised to stumble upon this accidental landmark.

“We’re all into winter now, which is good, but just to have a jet ski frozen into the ice in the middle of downtown was funny,” Magrino says. “I’m kind of surprised no one has gone to go fish it out of there. Probably not anymore, but if there was gasoline in there or something, hopefully that wasn’t leaking out.”

Reddit users thought the jet ski had been stuck there since December. But according to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, which handles water rescues, it’s been snagged in the cables that catch various items as they float downriver since last summer. It’s too dangerous of a spot for divers, so the Sheriff’s Office is just going to wait for nature to untangle it. 

Which means that it probably isn't going anywhere soon. 


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