Theft victim repaid by mugger's mother


Aww. Kinda warms your heart, doesn't it?

As she was making a withdrawal from an Eagan ATM in Rainbow Foods, a 71 year old woman had 400 bucks snatched out of her varicosed hands by Casey Wright. Evediently, Mrs. Wright, who thought she had raised him up better than that, marched his ass down,leading him by the ear, to the Eagan PD, $400 in hand, to make right.

A noble gesture to be sure. Kinda backfired though-- Casey was promptly charged with robbery and theft from a person, felonies that carry a maximum of 10 years in prison. Cue the trombone.

Just goes to show that doing right doesn't always erase the mistake. According to the police report, Wright was cooperative, turned himself in, and didn't raise a ruckus, even as he was being led by the nose to the booking office by his mom. Oddly, Wright was a clean cut kid, too-- no criminal record outside of driving records, according to today's Pioneer Press story.

We have a couple questions about this theft however. Primarily, the story notes that the 71 year old woman was withdrawing $400.

From an ATM.

Does that strike anyone else as fishy? We're pretty sure the last time a 71 year old woman withdrew that much cash from an ATM, it was at Mystic Lake on her way from the quarter slots to the margarita bar.

In any case, the bad guy's in jail, and the victim has her craps money back. Done and done.