The Yankees: 10 Reasons to Hate 'Em

The Yankees: 10 Reasons to Hate 'Em
Photo by TJ Ryan

They're the evil Empire to the Twins' scrappy rebels. If that's not enough to make you hate the Yankees, here's 10 more good reasons.

The Yankees: 10 Reasons to Hate 'Em
Photo by AMagill
Mo Money/Mo Wins

The Yankees payroll of about $206 million (down from about $209 last year -- yeah!) is again the tops in baseball and is thrice that of the Twins (about $68 mil).  They presently sport the four richest contracts in baseball history, inked to A-Rod, Jeter, Texieira, and Sabathia.  They have the highest-paid MLB player at six different position, and have made the playoffs in every year but one (2008) since 1995.  Just four of their starters come via their farm system, while the Twins offer six starting homegrown products from the Bread Basket.  The Evil Empire, indeed.


The Yankees: 10 Reasons to Hate 'Em
Short on Class

After winning the 1991 Rookie of the Year and the World Series in that same season, stud second baseman Chuck Knoblauch eventually slithered his way out of the Twin Cities when things went south.  Although he won three more titles with the Yanks, the diminutive Knobby eventually was shifted to left field when he lost the ability to throw to first, was pelted with batteries and dollar bills in his Dome return, was named in the Mitchell Report investigating steroid usage and -- in recent weeks -- was charged with choking his common-law wife in Houston.  Comeuppance can prove a long way down, even for short dudes.

The Yankees: 10 Reasons to Hate 'Em
Photo by Keith Allison

Despite taking the Yanks to the postseason in 12 straight years (1995-2007) and winning four World Series titles, Joe Torre was given the exciting offer to take a pay cut and stay in New York.  After aptly declining, Torre took the Dodgers gig and brought them to the postseason while the Yanks finished in 3rd in the AL East in Joe Girardi's incipient season as skip.  Torre is essentially the Phil Jackson of baseball; yeah, he's been provided with high-priced talent -- but he also has the unique ability to manage said talent, making him one of the respected figures in baseball.  Torre takes the Dodgers to the playoffs again this season, giving the organization their first back-back divisional titles since 1977-78.

The Yankees: 10 Reasons to Hate 'Em
Photo by Keith Allison


Alex Rodriguez has been in the Bigs since he was 18 years old, having bombed 583 home runs and collected over 2,500 hits since 1994.  His numbers will ultimately be recorded among baseball's best.  Over the winter, he admitted to taking steroids over a three-year period beginning in 2001.  While that sullied the rep of his hardball acumen, it's really been his personality that could have used some steroids.  The guy is the most aloof superstar in modern day baseball, void of humor and apparently dating the zany Kate Hudson.  Who are you going to have your kid look up to?  This juicer?  Or Joe Mauer, who's powered by 2% milk.

The Yankees: 10 Reasons to Hate 'Em
Photo by fall-line
Free Agency Overhaul!!

One of the reasons besides the money that the Yankees can continue to dominate in the MLB is their attack on free agency. The Yankees continue to win by simply outbidding every other team for free agents and when those free agents don't work out...Just buy more free agents. And we wonder why other teams are only able to rely on farm systems. This practice ruins other baseball teams. Just ask any Detroit Tigers Fan about this. But be ready to deal with the aftermath for even bringing it up: you were warned!

The Yankees: 10 Reasons to Hate 'Em
Photo by Keith Allison
Obnoxious Yankee Fans

It's simple really. They are obnoxious and arrogant. And they actually believe they are responsible for every Yankee championship since 1932.

The Yankees: 10 Reasons to Hate 'Em
Photo by Affiliate
New Yankee Stadium Seating Prices.

In order for fans to even see first-hand one of their beloved Yankee baseball Gods you better be able to come up with $75. $375 for a "decent" seat. This in all essence completely takes away and nearly eliminates a memorable "Father - Son Baseball Game outing" of decades past. Even though the Yankee's investments are safe, They don't think twice about the fact that a child's father is saving up for two weeks just to take them to a ballgame. 15 years from now these kids will be telling stories of the one baseball game they were able to go to as a kid.

The Yankees: 10 Reasons to Hate 'Em
Photo by Keith Allison
Mark Teixeira

Mark Teixeira is an evil natured robot. He'ss programmed to destroy us. Or maybe just bore us to death. Most professional sports players are dull when they talk to the media, but this guy is a dullard. Whatever scientist built him forgot to add in a personality chip. And just because he blast homeruns at opportune times, people somehow think he is the M.V.P. this season, despite being unable to hit above .300 and playing the easiest position in the game. Let'ss hope it rains in New York and son of bitch rusts. And get a better last name. No one likes uttering 'Cher' when they listen to baseball.

The Yankees: 10 Reasons to Hate 'Em
Photo by seantoyer
Like father, like son

As aging Yankee Boss George Steinbrenner has stepped away from the spotlight in recent years, his sons, co-chairmen Hal and Hank Steinbrenner have assumed larger roles in running the club.  While he's been muzzled in '09 after myriad public podium gaffes (i.e., "Red Sox Nation.  What a bunch of #*&&!# that is.") , the chain-smoking Hank has long earned a rep as a brash, bullish, cocky, and outspoken fella.  Sound familiar?  Hank: get your own personality, bud.  Be like Bill Pohlad and go make a movie or something.

The Yankees: 10 Reasons to Hate 'Em
Photo by Keith Allison
Johnny Damon shaved his beard for money

Echoing the chorus that hymns "There's no loyalty in sport," outfielder Johnny Damon left Yankee arch-nemesis Boston for New York in 2005, after four season with the Red Sox.  Damon had been an integral part of the truly entertaining "Cowboy Up!" Sox crew that lost in the the 2003 ALCS, and the 2004 team that snapped the Sox 86-year championship draught with their bunch of "Idiots."  Damon's ratty beard was a signature of the persona of those great teams.  When he signed with New York and adhered to their "Clean Shave Policy", he trimmed not just his personality, but also a piece of his soul in the process.


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