The Wyoming, Minn. Police Department's 4/20 tweets are legitimately funny

Most 4/20 jokes are pretty lame. And it's hard to be that lame when you're trying to talk about using an illegal drug. 

And most police department Twitter accounts are lamer still. Don't speed, eyes on the road, call 911 in case of emergency, suspect in custody, and on like that.

This is why people were so shocked yesterday when the Wyoming, Minnesota Police Department started making jokes about America's unofficial pot holiday. They're not that bad!

In fact, they were decent enough that whoever runs the Twitter account had to spend part of the time explaining that yes, they are a real, small-town Minnesota police department. And, in response to some spoil-sports who don't like jokes from cops, they had to get serious about drug and substance abuse issues.

By and large, though, it was a pretty fun day, and the cops noticed that their account was rapidly gaining new followers. It topped out at over 1,000 by day's end. If they keep up this kind of solid social media output — check out the brilliant emoji work — that number's only going up. 

Here, have a look for yourself.
— Wyoming, MN Police (@wyomingpd) April 20, 2016