The wrong kind of Christmas present: White powder

And, we're not talking snow or even some "holiday nose candy" either. Apparently, someone in Texas doesn't like T-Paw, or six other U.S. Governors.

A staffer in our governor's office opened a letter containing an unknown white powder Monday, sparking a safety investigation. Governors in at least six other states also received letters containing the substance.

The AP reports:

Spokesman Brian McClung says Capitol security and the State Patrol are working with the FBI to investigate the letter and the powder has been sent to the state health lab for tests.

Fox News chimes in with a response from the Governor himself. T-Paw wasn't hurt; the powder was nontoxic, but his staff is scared.

Tim Pawlenty says: ''It's a concern. It's very unsettling to our employees who work in the office. It's had a significant impact on them.''

Maybe next year disgruntled Texans will send Pawlenty what many think he deserves: Coal.

It's by far the more legal option; the postage just costs more.