The worst of MinnPost's Michele Bachmann puff piece

What is going on at MinnPost? It is becoming the Fox News of Minnesota--a place where you get a free pass if you hate gays, liberals, and the ACLU.

First the nonprofit published a two-part softball Q&A with Katherine Kersten, the Star Tribune's conservative scold who already had a bigger platform than her thoughts deserve.

Now the home of  "a thoughtful approach to news" has given Michele Bachmann a free forum to spout her spectacular nonsense.

When City Pages interviewed Bachmann, she would only consent to an emailed Q&A--the same deal she gave to the New York Times. We used that as a counterpoint to an extensive feature on the secret of Bachmann's political success, which earned Matt Snyders a guest spot on MSNBC.

Apparently, Bachmann bent the rules for her friends at MinnPost, sitting down for a wonderful conversation at the University Club in St. Paul, where she spoon-fed such self-descriptions as "lovable little fuzz ball" for Michael J. Bonafield to launder through MinnPost.

Bachmann accuses President Obama of threatening America:

"I think the president is entirely wrong, and I think he is putting our nation at risk, I think he is putting the people at risk."

No mention of Bachmann's famous Iran conspiracy theory?

"I think we are very late in addressing the Iranian issue, and the Iranian threat ... The issue ultimately is the safety of our nation, and Iran poses a threat to that security."

Allows her to totally misrepresent the healthcare debate:

"This will be the federal government taking over 18 percent of the economy."

But best of all is how he totally lets her off the hook for her many bizarre and inflammatory statements, instead allowing her to blame, you guessed it, the liberals who hate her:

"I'm a lovable little fuzz ball! I have no idea what they would have to fear. I guess you would have to ask them; they would have the better answer to your question."

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