The Week in Sports


Perhaps it was the national television on NBC's Sunday Night Football. Perhaps it was an old man quarterback who was sick of being clobbered by the younger, fatter Chicago defense. Or perhaps the Vikings actually found their groove and learned to play well as team. Whatever the cause, the Vikings impressed everybody last night with their 34-14 triumph of the Bears at the Dome. The Vikings' defense seemed determined to the point of demonic possession to keep the Bears in check through out the game, including a master series stopping Chicago on the one-yard line. When the Vikes took over on downs, Gus Ferrot tossed a 99-yard TD to Bernard Berrian, setting a team record. Watch the exhilarating play below.

Read Rick Alonzo's full story in the Pi Press. Now Minnesota (7-5) stands all alone atop the NFC North. The best part of the video has to be Ferrot running like down the field jumping and cheering like a little boy in the back yard.

What can you say about the Wild? They're still battling Vancouver for the top spot in the Western Conference's Northwest division, they've succeeded despite what seems like an endless string of injuries to star players, and the Marian Gaborik specter will not leave, but they continue to win. Except ... against the Dallas Stars.The Wild saw a two-goal lead evaporate on Wednesday, and went down 4-3. But, they bounced back on Friday with a 4-2 win against the Tampa Bay Lightning and opened the floodgates Saturday with a 6-2 pounding of the Nashville Predators, tying their season scoring high.

The Timberwolves continued their Timberwolvey ways this week. They lost two of three, but did manage to notch a victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the startup franchise that's lone victory all season came against the Wolves. Minnesota managed to only beat the Thunder by a single bucket, 105-103, but a win's a win.