The Uptake sounds like it's too partisan for the Capitol press room

Politics in Minnesota is reporting that old school news organizations renting space in the Capitol press room are unhappy that they have to share space with another renter, The Uptake, a citizen video journalism outfit that they say flies a banner out in left field.

Mike Dougherty, the local news editor for the Rochester Post-Bulletin has lodged a complaint about The Uptake. Twin Cities Public Television has also expressed concerns.

This tweet went out from TheUptake's Twitter account this afternoon:

Interesting issue we are going thru right now. ... & No we are not out.

We asked Luke Hellier, proudly conservative blogger and tweeter at Minnesota Democrats Exposed, if he didn't think this was a case of the pot calling the kettle black; aren't the folks doing the complaining part of the liberal media establishment?

"I think some conservatives could make a statement like that but in my personal view I think most capitol writers report fairly," he said via e-mail this afternoon. "There is a clear difference between media outlets like TPT or Rochester Post-Bulletin and the Uptake. The Uptake and its reporters continue to blur the line between their political views and their reporting. The "reporter" in question has even tweeted that she edits her video to make legislators seem like they are say things they may not have said. You won't see Tom Scheck, Brian Bakst, Mary La Hammer, Rachel Stassen-Berger etc etc tweeting their personal views on politics."

For those of you who don't pay attention to bylines, Scheck is with MPR, Bakst is with the AP, La Hammer is with TPT and Stassen-Berger is with the Strib.

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