The Ugly American

It didn't take long for United Nations Ambassador John Bolton to remind us all why even a Republican-dominated Congress refused to confirm him, compelling President Bush to ram him down the throats of the people of the world via a recess appointment. In his first public initiative in his new job, Bolton wants sudden, major, and wholesale revisions in a draft document of U.N. reforms that have been the subject of intense negotiations for nearly a year.


According to a piece in today's N.Y. Times, among the things Bolton objects to-- speaking to the world's diplomats as the representative of you, me, and the rest of the American people--are support for the Kyoto Protocol on global warming, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, and an emphasis on disarmament rather than nonproliferation.

If we are ever going to declare victory and get out of Iraq with even a smidgen of national dignity remaining, we are going to need the goodwill of many in the international community who might consider the whole Iraqi thing a tad hubristic and would like nothing better to see us hoist on our own petard. Putting an ass like John Bolton in the mix, demanding that the rest of the world officially acknowledge the right of American empire to destroy the ozone and to stockpile nukes while denying them to others; well, it probably won't help "the reality on the ground" when we haul our tails out of Baghdad come 2006 or 2007.

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