The U of M tells its General College students to get a better education

Approximately 300 students, faculty members, and local politicos rallied outside of Northrop Plaza yesterday afternoon to protest the University of Minnesota's recommendation to dismantle the school's General College. U of M President Robert Bruininks is determined to turn the U into a top research school, and says that the General College does not meet the school's new standards, which continue to fall under the oft-repeated motto "access to success." (Since when did the U become a corporation?)


If the board of regents votes next month to shut down the school, minority undergraduate enrollment would decrease by 19 percent, and the black undergraduate population would fall by more than 30 percent. The University of Minnesota calls this new plan "strategic positioning." But General College students are calling their plan to shut down the school "strategic elitism."

"General College" cont'd: It's not our fault, it's yours!

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