The Twin Cities just got nerdier

Can't resist the pull of a good torrent? Multi-table online poker with 32 screens at once? Well, roll over Sergei Brin and tell Al Gore the news, the Twin Cities are now home to America's fastest Internet connections.

As expected, the carrier isn't being modest about the launch, claiming that users can suck down a 4GB HD movie "in about ten minutes," compared to "more than six hours" on a 1.5Mbps DSL connection.

You'll pay for the privilege. It's 150 bones a month. But if you want to keep up with NASA or warm the ground enough to melt snow with all the packets you'll be downloading, it's time to kick down.

Even if you don't open your wallet for the big-time, your high-speed Internet will get even more high-speed as competitors try to keep up. Now you can flip through that naked sushi slideshow even faster.