The Trial of Tom Petters Denouement: Guilty on All 20 Counts

After 30-plus hours of waiting for the jury in the Petters fraud trial to bring in a verdict, after waiting in the Jury Assembly room on the ground floor of the Federal Courthouse in Saint Paul, after sketching the live feed from the empty courtroom on the seventh floor on the flat-screeen monitor, after sketching details of the Jury Assembly Room like the microphone, and the reporters waiting for the verdict in the Jury Assembly Room, after sketching the railroad lift bridge over the Mississippi, after hearing defense attorney Jon Hopeman say the deliberations could go three hours or thirty days, after sketching the televsion news truck and the truck's boom antenna from the seventh floor and the seventh floor and the photos of judges on the seventh floor and the bored, dozing witness from another trial on the seventh floor... just when I was starting to get really bored, we got the word at four o'clock that the jury had reached a decision.

Judge Kyle read the verdict;, guilty on all twenty counts.

Tom Petters showed no emotion as judge completed the formalities and dismissed the jury.

Tom Petters awaits sentencing for his  a $3.5 billion Ponzi scheme.