The Trial of Tom Petters Day 8

Bob White, the Petters associate who admitted to forging thousands of documents for Tom Petters was cross-examined by the defense. Petters' attorney tried to make the point that White, an admitted liar and fraudster could not be trusted to tell the truth because he was an admitted liar and fraudster.

But, White insisted he was telling the truth because he was testifying for the government and his job was to tell the truth.

After lunch, forty-four boxes of documents seized in the raids on PCI were wheeled into the courtroom.

More businessmen testified about wierd business deallings with Tom Petters, false purchase orders, "radically different" tax statements and bounced checks.

One businessman testified how Petters wouldn't repay a loan and bounced checks on him from the Montana State Bank in Plentywood, Montana. His son visited Petters and he "got in his face, screaming". When he left Petters office he saw a photographer setting up a photo shoot.

"The Star Tribune was going to do a story about what a great entrepreneur Tom Petters was.... I went to my car chuckling."

Next week, the trial continues and we may get to here from Michael Catain.