The Trial of Tom Petters: Day 4

It's Monday, November 2nd and Day 4 of the trial of Tom Petters. The trial began at 9 a.m. with Assistant U.S. Attorney Joe Dixon asking forensic expert Dyan Decker about how she identifies and tracks email.

A half hour later, the Government's star witness Deanna Coleman took the stand and Joe Dixon asked Coleman about the day she went to the Feds and blew the whistle on Tom Petters' $3.5 billion Ponzi scheme.

The Elbow Lake native did not look at her former employer as she identified emails, phony purchase orders and other documents. This part of the testimony was kind of dull, but essential to the Government's case.

Deanna Coleman explained how she agreed to wear a wire and excerpts of conversations between her and Tom Petters were played.

In one excerpt, a stressed-out Tom Petters was freaking out because the Hedge Funds wanted their money and he was scrambling to pay them.

Petters began to cry and asked Deanna Coleman for a hug. Deanna Coleman freaked out because she was wearing a wire on her back ... so she complained about a pain in her back and refused to hug Petters.

Tom Petters then offered to fix her up with a chiropractor.

Tomorrow; More testimony from Deanna Coleman. -- Ken Avidor