The Trial of Tom Petters -- Day 17

I was standing in the park overlooking the Missisippi river at 

Kellogg Avenue and Robert Street in Saint Paul reading a plaque 

commemorating the log church that Father Galtier built on this spot 

when the town was called Pig's Eye, named after Pierre "Pig's Eye" 

Parrant who owned a popular tavern here back in the pioneer days. The 

log church was named after Saint Paul and soon the new city changed 

it's moniker from Pig's Eye to the more respectable St. Paul.

A stone's throw from rock with the plaque is the Federal Courthouse 

where the Trial of Tom Petters continued toady with the testimony of 

Tom Petters.

The gallery was filled with people in suits carrying legal pads.

Petters's attorney Jon Hopeman asked a few questions before turning 

over his client to the withering examination of Assistant U.S. 

Attorney Joe Dixon.

Dixon read quotes from emails and transcripts of taped conversations 

in which Petters admitted having knowledge of the fraud. Petters kept 

insisting that his statements were open to interpretation.

Petters insisted he was going to take care of the money problems at 

PCI and investigate the fraud. Petters said Deanna Coleman was 

"mentally ill" when she was wearing the wire and that she asked him 

"prefabricated questions that set me up".

Petters also said the raid on his business "made matters worse".

By ten o'clock, both the defense and the Government rested their cases.

The judge held a few sidebar conferences with the attorneys and 

announced that the trial would continue Monday with closing 

statements and jury instructions.