The Trial of Tom Petters -- Day 14

Tom Petters took the stand and talked about growing up in Saint Cloud and his start in the merchandise diverting business. In the morning, Steve Ratliff, former President of Red Tag testified 
about working for Tom Petters. He testified that Tom Petters was 
loved by his employees and gave lots of money to charity. On 
redirect, Assistant U.S. Attorney John Marti asked Ratliff about Tom 
Petters's posh homes, cars and showed pictures of the PCI corporate 
jet. Ratliff said Petters used the jet for business and pleasure.

A few more people testified; A shipping manger, an accountant who 
wasn't allowed to look at bank statements, Tom Petters's speechwriter 
and the human resource manager at Petters Worldwide... but everyone, 
including Tracy Mixon, Tom Petters's fiancee was waiting for the main 
event -  the testimony of Tom Petters.

Tom Petters took the stand at four o'clock  and talked about growing 
up in Saint Cloud and his start in the merchandise diverting 
business. Petters said the merchandise diverting business had a lot 
of people who did nasty stuff like bounce checks. He admitted he 
bounced checks too.

Petters said he said he was not guilty. He admitted participating in 
the fraud, but blamed others he said he trusted too much.

Tom Petters will testify again tomorrow.

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