The Trial of Tom Petters -- Day 12

Today we heard from more businessmen about documents forged and deals gone bad.

An assistant buyer who used to work at Circuit City. He  testified he
didn't sign one of the documents Tom Petters used to borrow money.

Next, businessman Irwin Jacobs was called to testify about a deal that
didn't go very well with Petters back in the 1990's.

Greg Bell returned in his white sweater. On direct and indirect
examination, Bell talked about what he did when he learned in 2008
that Petters was in deep trouble. He moved millions offshore to trusts
in islands all over the world.

Businessman Ted Deikel took the stand next and talked about the deal
he had made with Petters in June, 2008. As we have heard from other
withnesses, Deikel had a difficult time getting Petters to repay the
loan. Petters bounced checks on Deikel and and made a lot of crazy
excuses. Deikel received partial payment of the loan but he lost seven
and a half million dollars.

The next witness was Petter's nanny Jennifer Wolter who testified that
she had not signed  one of the documents Petters had used to buy time
on his loans.

The next witness was Ray Ross, a retiree living in Arizona. Ross was
involved with Charis MInistries when he met Frank Vennes in jail. Ross
invested his  $491,000 nest egg with Vennes and Vennes invested it in
Petters and now it's all gone and Ross and his wife have to live on
Social Security.

The final witness of the day was Special Agent Kathy Klug. Assistant
U.S. Attorney Joe Dixon asked Kathy Klug to connect each of the counts
in the indictment to documents. That part of the Government's case
will be finished on Monday and then we will hear the attorneys for Tom
Petters make their case.

Defense attorney Jon Hopeman told reporters that no decision has been
made about Tom Petters testifying, but that decision is entirely up to
Tom Petters.