The Trial of Tom Petters -- Day 10

The prosecution played the rest of the September 17, 2008 recording of a meeting in Tom Petters office. The recording was made with a wire planted on Deanna Coleman.

Tom Petters, Deanna Coleman, Jim Wehmhoff and Bob White were attempting to brainstorm about how they would handle some frustrated investors who were sending auditors to Minnesota.

Coleman said she couldn't take the lying anymore. She said she "couldn't stomach it."

Wehmhoff said they needed an excuse to keep Coleman away from the auditors.

Bob White agreed and said she should pretend to get sick. White added that he thought they could "buffalo their way through it".

Tom Petters also said he couldn't lie anymore and cried and cried... Coleman said she had to go.

After the recording ended, two investors testified about losing lots of money after PCI was raided in September 2008.

After the investors, Petter's accountant Jim Wehmhoff took the stand. He looked like an old grandpa and it was pathetic to hear how he participated in the fraud, moving money around and filing fraudulent tax returns.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day, so the trial won't continue until Thursday when the prosecution has Michael Catain and Greg Bell scheduled to testify.