The Third Annual Comix Issue: The Meaning of Minnesota Nice

"Minnesota Nice"

by Ken Avidor

Ken Avidor is a local cartoonist and illustrator and a frequent contributor to the Twin Cities Urban Sketchers blog,

"Minnesota Nice"

by Blake Hunter

Blake Himsl Hunter is an illustrator working out of the Twin Cities. His comic strip can be found at

"No More MN Nice Guy"

by Zander Cannon

Zander Cannon has written and drawn comics since 1993. His notable works include The Replacement God, Top Ten, and Smax.

"Minnesota Nice: Michele Bachmann Style!"

by Bill Prendergast and inked by Lupi

Bill Prendergast is the creator of False Witness, the unauthorized comic-book biography of Michele Bachmann available at

Lupi's most recent work can be seen in False Witness and Big Funny. Visit for more drawings and comics.

"Falling in Line..."

by Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy's Midwest odyssey continues in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Visit and tell him how the Yankees are doing.

"Sota Soda"

by Adrean Clark

Adrean Clark is a Deaf cartoonist who lives under the glow of the First National Bank sign in St. Paul. She hasn't tanned yet but it gives her scribbles that just-microwaved sheen. Zap her at [email protected]

"Minnesota Not-So Nice"

by Daniel Olson

Daniel Olson is a mustachioed and sideburns-laden indie comics creator based in St. Paul.

"Notable Not Nice"

by Nate Patrin

Nate Patrin is a freelance writer and clubs listing editor at City Pages. He also draws the occasional cartoon, much to his surprise.


by Zach DeVries

Zach DeVries is a transplant from the Dakotas and recently became aware of his passive-aggressiveness.

"Road Nice"

by Mitch Loidolt

Mitch was birthed unto Minnesota soil and has rarely strayed from this pasture of fine meats and high ABV beer.

"How to Be Nice"

by Ryan Dow

Ryan Dow draws comics and posts them on the web at

"Felonious Niceties"

by Madeline Queripel

Madeline looks like she's 12 years old, and you can see her work at

"Open Call to Artists—the MN Nice Version"

by Danno Klonowski

Danno Klonowski has hooks for feet—HOOKS FOR FEET!—and eyes made out of wood, and he posts his comics at

"Wut Duh $:&@ is Nice?"

by Erik Nelson

Erik Nelson is a cartoonist and plumbing contractor in Minneapolis. More of his work can be seen at

"Thrice Nice"

by Adrean Clark

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