The Star Tribune's dance revolution

The Star Tribune's dance revolution

Looking to get your dance-on come New Year's, but lack the necessary beat? Don't worry. The Star-Tribune (who else?) is here to help.

In an awesomely awkward video that we first assumed was a parody but apparently is very serious, the Strib presents two professional dancers who give viewers the run-down on all sorts of antiquated dance moves. You got the Hustle, the Electric Slide, voguing, Shimmying. Pretty much everything except the Charleston.

One of the instructors, John Munger--who, despite looking like a rhythmically challenged middle-aged Trekkie, can (sort of) cut a rug--puts it this way:

"It's the attitude and the feeling of it that changes. And that's really hard to pick up. Because if you don't look cool, you're not cool."

"Feelin' it is a huge thing," adds fellow tutor Madeline Howlie, the more prototypical-- and in our unqualified estimation, skilled--dancer of the two. "You can be wrong and strong, and it's still all good."

Come to think of it, there's no need to tell you what they say in the video. See it for yourself.

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