The Smiling Face of Pain comment thread

class=img_thumbleft>In this week's cover story, The Smiling Face of Pain, Britt Robson recalls the humble and grateful Tim Pawlenty from last November's narrow re-election and how that moment of contrition was all too brief: "While fiscal conservatives howled over the perfidy of Pawlenty's embrace of uninsured children, others gleaned a mixture of political calculation and perhaps a pang of conscience in his new stance. As one commentator put it: 'The last election affected Tim Pawlenty the way Marley's ghost affected Scrooge.' But it took the 'new' Pawlenty less than 60 days to reveal himself as more cunning and two-faced than any redeemed Scrooge. In health care, as in education, transportation, and most every other bread-and-butter issue affecting Minnesotans, the budgetary priorities of Tim Pawlenty continue to make it more likely that the Tiny Tims of this state will have to fend for themselves." Read the cover story here, then come back to this thread to discuss it.