The Senate campaign spin pre-recount


It seems like Norm Coleman's campaign is a little confused about what the state's canvassing board was up to today when it certified results. Despite no authority calling the election for Coleman, the campaign continues to declare victory.

Here is the release the campaign put out after the meeting today:

United States Senator Norm Coleman was confirmed as the winner in the 2008 United States Senate Campaign. Coleman for Senate Campaign Manager, Cullen Sheehan, made the following statement after the certification was announced:

"Today, the Minnesota State Canvassing Board officially recognized the results of the 2008 United States Senate election and prevented the Franken Campaign's efforts to stop the recount. And, Senator Coleman has, for the third time, been named the winner of the 2008 election. We are grateful to the hundreds of election officials throughout the state who are committed to the execution of a fair and legal election. We appreciate the continued direction by the Secretary of State of a recount that is based on the law and as such counts only those votes that were legally cast and counted on Election Day. We look forward to the beginning of tomorrow's recount, and to what we believe to be the ultimate conclusion of the final chapter of this year's election - the re-election of Senator Norm Coleman."

According to a Minnesota Independent report from the hearing: Coleman's lawyer, Fritz Knaak, said actions and potential actions by the Franken campaign show "We're being set up for a Senate decision in the U.S. Senate. That's my perception."

Franken's campaign issued a response after the canvassing board didn't declare a winner in the Senate race:

Today, the state canvassing board declined to certify a winner in the U.S. Senate race. The margin - roughly seven one-thousandths of one percent (.007%) - is too small for a winner to be declared, and a statewide manual recount will begin tomorrow.

In fact, Secretary of State Mark Ritchie specifically stated that, in four races, including the U.S. Senate race, the state canvassing board was not declaring a winner.

Ritchie: "This is the certificate we are signing one at a time and it declares the winner in all but four races. Those four races will receive the same process at the end of the recount."

The U.S. Senate race was one of four races for which the state canvassing board did not declare a winner.

The recount starts tomorrow.