The Sailboats Survive: Minneapolis City Council Can't Agree on New City Logo

This logo was simply too controversial

This logo was simply too controversial

A seemingly simple decision to update Minneapolis' outdated, two-sailboat logo to a cleaner, more colorful one-sailboat version ran aground the shoals of controversy last Friday.

City Council Member Andrew Johnson was concerned people would get confused because the city planned to phase the new design in as stuff got replaced, rather than change everything bearing the city's logo all at once. By phasing in the new logo, Minneapolis could be stuck with two slightly different logos for years, even decades!

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"That's my big concern, is that we'll end up in a situation where a decade, two decades, three decades down the road we're going to have two logos out there, which my understanding from a branding standpoint is probably not the best thing," said Johnson before a 10-3 vote in favor of sending the new logo back to committee.

"My concern is that we have tens of thousands of physical objects across the city with this logo on them. It's on everything from our vehicles and lanyards and access cards, signs and monuments, and while we're not responsible for changing it, I'm sure there's even a couple tattoos out there," he added.

City Council Member Alondra Cano just doesn't like sailboats in general.

Anyone know somebody with a City of Minneapolis sailboat tattoo?

Anyone know somebody with a City of Minneapolis sailboat tattoo?

"In general I don't support the sailboats as our city's image," she said. "I don't know that that represents my constituents or the people that live in my ward. I'm not sure who owns boats or who has access to boats."

Cano favored having a "deeper conversation about this process" so that the city can have a "hardier discussion on the issues that are being raised."

We wonder what our readers think of the logo. Are sailboats a good representation of Minneapolis? If not, what should be on the logo?

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