The Real Scoop: Strib Columnist C.J. doesn't know how to use spellcheck?

In a time when news is unfortunately judged by what organization is quickest to the web, Minnesota Monitor has published a spirited e-mail exchange between its writer, Paul Schmelzer, and the Star Tribune’s gossip columnist, C.J., over who scooped whom.

It’s pretty funny considering the lackluster news value of the actual "scoop" itself.

The debate: Who was first to publish that WCCO meteorologist Paul Douglas’ bio was taken off the station’s website?

from Paul Schmelzer to CJ 4/7/2008 3:19 PM

Hey C.J. With all due respect, I'm wondering if maybe you didn't break news about Paul Douglas' bio being scrubbed from the 'CCO site. Maybe Strib timestamps don't work properly (or maybe the timestamp changes when you make updates?), but I mentioned it at 2:45 on Friday (yours says 4:47). At any rate, it's a minor scoop either way, and congrats on your recent coverage of the shakeup there. http://minnesotamoni... cheers, Paul


from CJ to Paul Schmelzer Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 11:14 AM

I broke it. Don't believe me. Ask my editor Kathleen Clonts 673.7301. One colleague congratulated me on the scoop as I was walking down the hallway, about 15 minutes before CBS confirmed it for the story Justin posted. ...

You, do realize the last sentence of your e-mail is charmingly passive-aggressive.

With all the blogs and monitors out there, I'll take a minor scoop. Were it truly "minor" you would not bother to minimize it. Based on the reactions of readers, it was not exactly minor. Excuse my typos. I don't know how work the e-mail spell checker. ~ C.J.

And it goes on and on. "Aggressive aggressive" C.J., as she calls herself, writes three more e-mails to Schmelzer and threatens to put the exchange in her next column.

Nonetheless, C.J.'s column published Thursday mentions nothing of the sort, giving the Monitor the "Scoop" in the latest round of this downright silly journalistic race.

Maybe C.J. was too busy trying to work her spell check?

Minnesota Monitor: 1 Star Tribune: 0

Can't wait for C.J.'s next column.