The Rake deemed "too gay" for Virginia delegation

Although The Rake no longer exists as a monthly magazine, it's still clinging to life on the Internet, and made a last cash grab by producing a special guidebook for delegates called "Secrets of the City."

But it appears that some delegates think those secrets should stay in the closet.

ABC News reports that the Virginia Lieutenant Governor cancelled an order for 150 guidebooks after discovering they included a 6-8 page section for gay and lesbian nightclubs.

"Having a section dedicated solely to GLBT will be a BIG problem for many of our folks. We simply can't hand them out," wrote the aide, Melissa Busse, in an email to the guidebook publisher, Rake Publishing, obtained by ABC affiliate KSTP.

The best part is how ABC notes that the Rake's website "features information and listings for an array of nightlife activities for gays and lesbians in the Minneapolis area, including 'queer speed dating', trivia night, and dildo bingo."

Discover all the best places to play dildo bingo.

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