The other big winner in the stadium "debate"

class=img_thumbleft>The fact that sports moguls like Carl Pohlad and Zygi Wilf stand to benefit from getting the public to foot the bill for their stadiums is news to...well, no one. But there is another big winner in the stadium wars that doesn't get name checked nearly often enough. I speak here of the local media.

Want evidence? A report today from the Associated Press tallies the gobs of money Wilf spent on this year's effort to build support for a new Viking stadium. According to the AP, the Vikes shelled out a total of $748,000 on the stadium push in just the first five months of 2006. All but $41,000 of the aforementioned sum was expended on a big, glitzy advertising campaign; in other words, it went directly into the coffers of the Strib, Pi Press and various broadcast outlets.

From a financial perspective, there is a critical difference between the respective interests of the Vikings and the media. The Vikes want a new stadium. The media are content with a continuing debate. The general public wants neither. But, of course, that's not really relevant.